Tax Compliance, Corporate Tax, and Quickbooks Consulting

Tax Compliance, Corporate Tax, and Quickbooks Consulting 

Income Tax: In today’s society managing your households and your businesses is a 24 hour a day job that requires your undivided attention.  Take the worry and the guesswork out of your Income Tax planning and reporting by letting the professionals at Barker Jones & Co. alleviate that burden and allow you to focus that time where it is needed most – with your families and developing your businesses.

Barker Jones & Co. has experience in tax compliance and preparing income tax returns for individuals, corporations, partnerships, estates, foundations and trusts.  We assist our clients in navigating potential tax traps when purchasing and selling businesses. We also offer QuickBooks consulting for the small business owner.

Barker Jones & Co. also helps its clients financially prepare for life’s great moments such as getting married, having children, sending your children to college, and retiring.  Our professionals can also provide tax planning and consulting when clients are preparing their wills and estates so that the maximum amount of the hard earned monies that they have accumulated over their lives is transferred to their loved ones.

Tax Controversy: If you receive a notice from the IRS or state department of revenue do not hesitate to call Barker Jones & Co. so that we can help you assess the situation and take the most effective actions to resolve your problems.

Barker Jones & Co. is experienced in all levels of representation before the IRS.  Our professionals represent clients who are in Collections Status, Appeals Status, and who are petitioning the United State Tax Court.  Allow us to assist you in navigating the complexity of the IRS.

Have you failed to file your income tax returns?  Be it corporate tax, personal tax, or payroll tax – you want to make sure you are in tax compliance. No matter how long you have gone without filing and no matter the reason, please let us assist you in coming back into compliance with the federal and state taxing authorities.  We have successfully assisted many clients who are in the same situation as you are.  We will provide you the average cost of tax preparation.  Give us a call and let’s get started today. 

Forensic Accounting Services

Barker Jones & Co. provides forensic accounting services including litigation services and investigations. Forensic accounting services generally involve the application of specialized skills possessed by CPAs to collect, analyze and evaluate evidential matter and to interpret and communicate findings in the courtroom, boardroom or other legal/administrative venue.  We apply these forensic accounting skills to a wide range of niche services.  Barker Jones & Co.'s forensic accountants have expertise in the following areas of forensic accounting:

  • Fraud prevention, detection, and investigation
  • Special accounting, tracing, and reconstructions
  • Fraud Investigations
  • Litigation and Dispute Services
  • Insurance Investigations
  • Insurance Claims

 If you are involved in any of the following situations, our forensic accounting services could be beneficial to you:

  • Fraud is suspected or discovered in your business.
  • Any type of financial investigation.
  • An economic loss has been incurred and the damages need to be calculated.
  • A shareholder dispute results in the need to perform a special accounting to determine what actually happened.
  • Assistance is needed for an insurance claim calculation.
  • There is a pending divorce and assistance is needed in calculating the economic distribution or searching for hidden assets or unreported income.

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