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Barker Jones & Co. is a Certified Public Accounting firm dedicated to resolving complex tax and forensic accounting problems.  We assist clients in gathering the necessary information, we analyze the information, and then design and execute the procedures that produce the most effective results. Read More


Our Team

Barker Jones & Co. was founded in 1993 to offer businesses and individuals extensive IRS and public accounting experience in the southeastern United States.  Since its inception, Barker Jones & Co. has used its consistent and sustained growth to expand into specialized services.  Meet our team of talented professionals... Read More



Individual & Business Tax Consulting and Compliance

Certified Financial Forensic Services

Certified Fraud Examination

Litigation Support

Tax Controversy Resolution

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Forensic Accounting Services, Certified Fraud Examiner Services, and Back Tax Relief

Barker Jones & Co. exists for one purpose – to provide the highest quality consulting and accounting services to our clients. Our certified public accountants, certified forensic accountants, and certified fraud examiners offer specific business services such as accounting investigations, forensic accounting services, business tax and assistance with back tax relief.

We pride ourselves in being able to take the most complex financial scenarios and present them in a way that is clear and understandable to our clients, their counsel, and to judges, juries, and mediators.

We welcome the opportunity to assist you with your financial forensic or tax preparation and consulting needs.

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Forensic Accounting Services Overview

Barker Jones & Co. provides forensic accounting services including litigation services and investigations. We offer certified fraud examiner services for small and corporate size businesses alike. Forensic accounting services generally involve the application of specialized skills possessed by CPAs to collect, analyze and evaluate evidential matter and to interpret and communicate findings in the courtroom, boardroom or other legal/administrative venue.  We apply these forensic accounting skills to a wide range of niche services.  Barker Jones & Co. has expertise in the following areas of forensic accounting:

  • Fraud prevention, detection, and investigation
  • Special accountings, tracing, and reconstructions
  • Fraud Investigations
  • Litigation and Dispute Services
  • Insurance Investigations
  • Insurance Claims
  • Tax Controversy Resolution and Tax Examination


Tax Controversies and Representation Services

We provide clients assistance with tax controversies, tax representation services, and back tax relief. One example of tax controversy our clients experience is their failing to file a tax return timely.  If you have failed to file a return or multiple years of returns timely, we can assist you by preparing the returns to get your filings current.

Our tax representation and back tax relief  services include management of tax matters before the following agencies:

  • Examination Division of the Internal Revenue Service
  • Collection Division of the Internal Revenue Service
  • Appeals Division of the Internal Revenue Service
  • State Departments of Revenue 

Tax Compliance

Our CPA firm provides tax preparation services along with tax planning for individuals and business entities.  We have the experience to prepare the most complex individual, corporate, partnership, trust, gift and private foundation returns.

Our clients are from a broad range of industries including real estate management, automobile dealerships, medical and legal practices, health clubs, and retail businesses.

Barker Jones & Co.’s tax compliance services also include:

  • Tax planning
  • Tax consulting
  • QuickBooks Consulting

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